Sutong Construction Group Co., Ltd (STC)

Sutong Construction Group Co.,(STC) Ltd. was established in June 2003. Formerly known as Sino-foreign joint venture Jiangsu Nantong Sanjian Engineering General Contracting Co., Ltd., it is a holding subsidiary of Jiangsu Nantong Sanjian Group Co., Ltd.

The company has 19082 employees, 569 technical and economic titles, including 173 senior and intermediate engineering and technical personnel, 52 first-level construction engineers, and 83 second-level construction engineers. The company has total assets of 186.807 million yuan, registered capital of 59.66 million yuan, and net assets of 107.026 million yuan.

The company has qualifications for contracting of Building construction, Real estate development, Municipal engineering, Landscape engineering, Decoration engineering, Electromechanical installation engineering in overseas and domestic markets.

The company integrates qualifications, talents and markets, forming an industrial structure with multiple qualifications and diversification, which greatly enhances the market competitiveness of the company's performance.