Health & Safety


The health and safety of LEDing employees, consultants, partners, and clients supersedes all other LEDing initiatives. We are dedicated to promoting a workplace that is as safe and possible through:


  • Strict adherence to Ghana Occupational Safety & Health (OSH) and section 9 (c) of the Labour Act 2003, Act 651, are a key priority to ensure that the worker is free from risk of personal injury or damage to his or her health during and in the course of the workers employment or while lawfully on the employer’s premises.
  • Implementing a safety strategy with a target of “ZERO” reportable accidents
  • Enforcing a site-specific induction process before anyone is permitted to work at site
  • Holding workshops on health and safety practices and setting up a system to disseminate lessons learned
  • Endorsing “SAFETY FIRST” consciousness among all staff and workers
  • Emergency Response Plans
  • Periodic safety regular inspections at regular intervals
  • Personal protection gear
  • Expert training of employees