Mr. Hamza Tanko

Mr. Hamza Tanko

Executive Board Chairman

Mr. Hamza Tanko is the Executive Board Chairman of LEDing and related companies, including RCS Ghana. His business interest includes holdings in various businesses, either, as a majority owner, or minority owner. Such business interest is diverse and includes ICT start up, Energy, Housing, oil and Gas, and share butter export.

Hamza is an accomplished entrepreneur by temperament, and Project Management specialist by profession. He holds an Executive MBA Finance with various certification from reputable institutions in USA and Ghana. Over the Years, he has accumulated an array of experiences in start up businesses, and, further developed them to full fledge entities. He is opportunistic to the extent that where others see obstacles, he sees opportunities to solve problems and develop new businesses.


He started his Career as a project officer with Ghana water company and immediately identified his entrepreneurial calling and switched accordingly. Over the years, Hamza rose through failed and successful businesses to become an astute and opportunistic Investor, creating start ups and managing them to multi-million dollar entities. LEDing is a typical example.

Hamza’s accumulated experience over the years led to the development of high level private and public networks in Ghana and across West Africa, and further developed multi-national networks, collaborations, while providing strong leadership to a group of accomplished professionals from USA and UK. These Professionals are currently involved in the development of multi Million dollar projects in the areas of student hostels, Independent power producer (IPP), Oil and Gas, renewable energy, warehousing, and General procurement